Gravure and flexo printing

Daetwyler SwissTec (Switzerland) – the innovative provider of high-quality doctor blades for every print application since 1972. MDC doctor blades meet the highest quality standards and help our customers around the globe to achieve the perfect print results.

Rotoflex inks and lacquers

Food, non-food and security – spoilt for choice

Your partner for outstanding print results

Rotoflex AG is a leading supplier of gravure and flexo print inks, master colour batches and lacquers for flexible packaging and products which help protect against counterfeits.

Zecher anilox rollers

The best anilox roller solution

Customised industry solutions

Anilox rollers are the key component of any printing machine and their performance has a direct effect on the quality of the print results. We give you a choice of different designs, roller bodies, coatings, various gravure technologies and much more besides. In our anilox portfolio, you’re sure to find just the right industry solution to tackle the specific challenges you face.

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